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Bukluran 2.0 - online registration system for organizations of UP Diliman

Seminar 1 (GST) Requirement

Please be reminded of the current scheduled GSTs for your Org's registration next Academic Year (2017-18)


  • Kasarian 101 and/or 102. UP upholds gender equality and gender rights as basic human rights. Student orgs are required to attend the Kasarian 101 and/or Kasarian 102 conducted by the Diliman Gender Office (DGO) to remind them of their responsibility to be free from gender bias and avoid discriminatory remarks, content and actions in their planning, promotion and participation in student org-related projects and activities.
(2 participants are required for AY 17-18. For those who were not able to attend any GST from last year or the previous GSTs last August for your Org's registration this A.Y., you may send another 2 participants (total of 4 pax.)

Help your org lessen the hassle and burden of attending requirements during the Registration Period. Send participants as early as now. (Make sure to write legibly all information on the attendance and record/ take a picture, of your completed attendance or certificate.)

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