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Bukluran 2.0 - online registration system for organizations of UP Diliman


Please read minor updates/ clarifications for University Registration Requirements for AY 16-17 @

Please see OSA Messages (to your org) at the lower part of your Org's Bukluran Acct.

There is no need to fill-up Form 1 (@ Bukluran) if your have already submitted the Bukluran Form 1 (Google Form).

Please read @ - Requirements. Also, please note that Bukluran is not "the" OSA website.

Thank you.

For Pre-registration purposes (only) you  may submit your responses till 30 June 2016, 5pm.

Early Registration and Extension Services.

-Starting 18 July, Bukluran shall be accessible for editing and submission.

- Make sure to submit your org's response for the Early Registration and Extension Services.

The data shall be used as guide for the:

PINGKIAN: Student Colloquium on Public Service Initiatives on 22 August 2016
Deadline of pre-registration to the colloquium: August 1, 2016

Attendance (of 2 pax) shall also serve as LTS requirement for organization's University - registration.
- You may start submitting GST attendance during the mid-year term.

- There are changes/ updates for the AAF. Make sure to download new/ edited version of the AAF.

For questions and queries, send us a message here.
For those interested to join:


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