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Bukluran 2.0 - online registration system for organizations of UP Diliman


Please be reminded of the current scheduled GSTs for your Org's registration next Academic Year (2017-18)


  • Kasarian 101 and/or 102. UP upholds gender equality and gender rights as basic human rights. Student orgs are required to attend the Kasarian 101 and/or Kasarian 102 conducted by the Diliman Gender Office (DGO) to remind them of their responsibility to be free from gender bias and avoid discriminatory remarks, content and actions in their planning, promotion and participation in student org-related projects and activities.
(2 participants are required for AY 17-18. For those who were not able to attend any GST from last year or the previous GSTs last August for your Org's registration this A.Y., you may send another 2 participants (total of 4 pax.)

Help your org lessen the hassle and burden of attending requirements during the Registration Period. Send participants as early as now. (Make sure to write legibly all information on the attendance and record/ take a picture, of your completed attendance or certificate.)

Schedule your Personal Appearance (for 2nd batch) Here

Reminders for the 2nd Batch for Org Reg.:
Form 1 - Information Sheet. (For AY 16-17: via OSA website Google form)
Form 1.1 - Faculty Adviser/s. (For AY 16-17: Print OSA Form 10, and submit a hard copy during P.A.)

Form 2 - Financial Statement. (For AY 16-17: via Bukluran)

Forms 3 and 4 - Officer and Member Roster
- Use webmail Address (e.g.,, no dots (.)and/or underscores (_)
- Upload UP I.D. of officers and members in .jpg or .png file format. No Form 5s.

- For the confirmation, print (print screen) one copy of completed Form 3and 4 for the signature of officers and members. E-signatures are not accepted.*For new orgs: 20 Officers and members with i.d.(in Bukluran) and signature. For renewing orgs: 15 officers and members with i.d.(in Bukluran) and signature.

Form 5 - Accomplishment Report; (For AY 16-17: via AAF Trak)
- Submit AAF for off campus activities from last AY.

Form 6 - Calendar of Activities; (For AY 16-17: via Bukluran)

Form 7 – Acknowledgment; (For AY 16-17: via Bukluran)

Bukluran shall be open from 7 Sept. 2016 until 14 Sept. (5pm) 2016 only.
The release of the official list and certificates of the University-registered orgs on 16 September 2016 (First and on-time batch).

The second release (for the second batch) shall be after the next 15 working days, which is on 7 October 2016.

Request for lost Password of Renewing Orgs.

For New and Returning Orgs, download and submit:

New org letter of intent
Official Org rep Cert. (for new accounts and returning orgs)
OSA Form 10 Responsibilities of the adviser

Please read minor updates/ clarifications for University Registration Requirements for AY 16-17 @

Please see OSA Messages (to your org) at the lower part of your Org's Bukluran Acct.

There is no need to fill-up Form 1 (@ Bukluran) if your have already submitted the Bukluran Form 1 (Google Form).

Please read @ - Requirements. Also, please note that Bukluran is not "the" OSA website.

Thank you.

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