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Bukluran 2.0 - online registration system for organizations of UP Diliman


Schedule your Personal Appearance (for 2nd batch) Here

Reminders for the 2nd Batch for Org Reg.:
Form 1 - Information Sheet. (For AY 16-17: via OSA website Google form)
Form 1.1 - Faculty Adviser/s. (For AY 16-17: Print OSA Form 10, and submit a hard copy during P.A.)

Form 2 - Financial Statement. (For AY 16-17: via Bukluran)

Forms 3 and 4 - Officer and Member Roster
- Use webmail Address (e.g.,, no dots (.)and/or underscores (_)
- Upload UP I.D. of officers and members in .jpg or .png file format. No Form 5s.

- For the confirmation, print (print screen) one copy of completed Form 3and 4 for the signature of officers and members. E-signatures are not accepted.*For new orgs: 20 Officers and members with i.d.(in Bukluran) and signature. For renewing orgs: 15 officers and members with i.d.(in Bukluran) and signature.

Form 5 - Accomplishment Report; (For AY 16-17: via AAF Trak)
- Submit AAF for off campus activities from last AY.

Form 6 - Calendar of Activities; (For AY 16-17: via Bukluran)

Form 7 – Acknowledgment; (For AY 16-17: via Bukluran)

Bukluran shall be open from 7 Sept. 2016 until 14 Sept. (5pm) 2016 only.
The release of the official list and certificates of the University-registered orgs on 16 September 2016 (First and on-time batch).

The second release (for the second batch) shall be after the next 15 working days, which is on 7 October 2016.

Request for lost Password of Renewing Orgs.

For New and Returning Orgs, download and submit:

New org letter of intent
Official Org rep Cert. (for new accounts and returning orgs)
OSA Form 10 Responsibilities of the adviser

Please read minor updates/ clarifications for University Registration Requirements for AY 16-17 @

Please see OSA Messages (to your org) at the lower part of your Org's Bukluran Acct.

There is no need to fill-up Form 1 (@ Bukluran) if your have already submitted the Bukluran Form 1 (Google Form).

Please read @ - Requirements. Also, please note that Bukluran is not "the" OSA website.

Thank you.

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