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Bukluran 2.0 - online registration system for organizations of UP Diliman


ALL organizations NOT OFFICIALLY REGISTERED by Aug 26 shall be under Probation Status "Pending" and may not continue with any Org Activity.

For those whose P.A. is scheduled until 12 September, the Probationary Status shall be LIFTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER the fulfillment of deficiencies on 12 Sept.. From Sept 12 to 29 only Internal Org Activities (Requests) shall be accepted by OSA. Any major activity of the organization under probation should be scheduled after 29 Sept. 2014.

Certificates shall be released by 29 September.

For organizations who did NOT attend the Org Orientation:

  • the organization must attend the Org Summit
  • the organization must also be part of any Org Summit working committee
  • the organization is on PENDING status
  • the organization cannot hold activities before 29 Sep 2014


For organizations who scheduled their Personal Appearance AFTER 29 Aug 2014:

  • the organization is on PENDING status
  • the organization cannot hold activities before 29 Sep 2014
  • the organizations must attend the Org Summit


For organizations who failed to complete their Bukluran on-line forms until 27 Aug 2014:

  • the organization must write a letter addressed to the OSA Coordinator, requesting to be permitted to continue with the org registration process. The letter must include justifications as to why the organization should still be permitted to continue with the process. Please include the email address and cellphone number of your contact person. Also, please ensure that your org  have already arranged/scheduled your Personal Appearance and must be ready to provide the necessary information required for the org registration process.


The Org Summit will be on 29 Sep 2014 from 8 am to 5 pm. ALL organizations must attend.


Competition Rules and Guidelines

  •  The competition theme shall be based on MTRCB’s Matalinong Panonood advocacy;
  •  Musical style- up tempo, current, bright & inspiring;
  •  Lyrics should have easy recall and must contain the ratings and classification letters G, PG, SPG, R-13, R-16, and R-18.

Who May Join

  •  Amateur composers from universities and colleges particularly and exclusively from the Metro Manila cities aged 17-26 years old who are resident Filipino citizens, or composer of Filipino descent;
  •  All Board Members, employees and volunteers of the MTRCB, members of their immediate households, and their relatives up to the fourth degree of affinity or consanguinity are not qualified to join the Competition.

Criteria for Judging

  •  Originality (20%)- fresh sound, unique approach to jingle-writing;
  •  Musical Content (30%)- melody, recall;
  •  Lyrical Content (30%)- coherence, ingenuity;
  •  Over-all Impact (20%)- total effect on an audience.

Entry & Submission Rules

  •  A jingle entry may be written in a popular or new song genre, or a fusion thereof, in any form or structure;
  •  The duration of each entry should not exceed sixty seconds and have the capability to be abbreviated into thirty-second and fifteen-second versions;
  •  Lyrics may be in Tagalog or Taglish;
  •  Must be entirely original, and should not infringe on any existing copyright or any other intellectual property rights;
  •  A contestant may enter a maximum of two (2) jingle compositions, either as a sole composer or collaborator;
  •  Entries with at least one (1) composer (for music or lyrics) found in violation of this two-song rule will be automatically disqualified;
  •  Only the first two entries involving the same composer shall be accepted;
  •  Upon discovery, the third and succeeding entries of the erring composer or lyricist shall be automatically disqualified; The deadline for submission of entries shall be on or before 5:00 PM, September 25, Thursday.
  •  There are no fees or charges for joining this competition.

Rules for Disqualification

  •  An entry must not have been previously or recently licensed to any publisher, printed and distributed in hard copy or circulated through the internet;
  •  It must not have been previously recorded for commercial purposes or performed live in any venue such as concert halls or school auditoria, traditional radio and television, or posted on the internet;
  •  It must not have been pre-recorded and uploaded to the internet, or recorded on video or any other format for any future broadcast.

Requirements for Submission

  •  The entry form shall be downloaded from the official website of the
  • MTRCB and must be properly accomplished;
  •  Strictly one (1) form per entry;
  •  The audio file of the jingle entry must be in MP3 format, bearing the song title;
  •  Strictly only one (1) audio file per entry;
  •  The lyrics should be in Word file format and must contain the name(s) of the composer and lyricist;
  •  Each entry shall be submitted via email to on or before 5:00PM, September 25, Thursday;
  •  Duly one (1) entry per email shall be allowed.


  •  All rights of the finalist jingle entries shall be assigned to the MTRCB;
  •  The entrant shall indemnify and hold the MTRCB free and harmless from any and all liabilities that may arise from copyright infringement, violation of intellectual property rights, and/or any ownership-related issues.

Prices of Winners

  •  First place: Php 20,000
  •  Second place: Php 10,000
  •  Third place: Php 5, 000
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